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Tom has worked for a large number of Danish and international clients over the past 20 years.

Danish Broadcasting Corporation

P1 Orientering

Tom worked for ten years on this program. Here he had a number of different expert subject areas.

From 2012 to 2014, he lived and worked in London for Orientering covering the UK and Ireland. For three years before and five years after he covered the UK and Ireland through 6-8 annual reportage trips.

During the ten years Tom also covered  extremism and radicalization for Orientering and during that period became the country’s leading journalist in radical and extreme nationalism. During that period, he met and interviewed a large part of Europe’s far right – including groups and parties in France, the United Kingdom, Sweden. The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

A selection of groups and parties he was quite close to is.

P1 Documentary

Tom has produced a number of programs for P1 Documentary. Among other things, Nordfronten about the Nazi Nordic group The Nordic Resistance Movement, where he was the only Danish journalist invited completely inside the movement, which in Finland is classified as a terrorist group, and where a leading Danish member in 20XX in the middle of filming was arrested and later convicted. for vandalism against the Jewish cemetery in Randers. Among other things, Tom met the movement’s leader Simon Lindberg in Dalarna in Sweden.

He also produced the documentary The Nazi, who came out as bisexual about a British defected neo-Nazi and The Fear of France about the growing French right that became more popular after the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015.

As one of the very few journalists in the world he was let inside the Generation Identitaire to report on them.


Tom was on Deadline at Danish Broadcasting Corporation for four years. Deadline is similar to BBC Newsnight. Here he helped to start and conceptualize the format Deadline Investigator, and this resulted in, among other things, that he was the only Danish journalist to join the anti-Islamic movement English Defence League.

Tom has also worked at DR’s foreign desk for the daily radio and TV news.

Newpapers and magazines

From 2004 to 2005, Tom was an intern at Ekstra Bladet. Since then, he worked at BT, where he covered the Muhammad crisis. He then worked for the weekly magazine Fokus, for which he covered extremism in Bosnia, among other things.

Tom has been a regular contributor to many other newspapers in Denmark – and has written many articles for The Guardian.


In 2007, Tom made the Operation X program “Cheating on the Housing Market” and in 2019 he directed the 2019 documentary “Vermund and the battle for the Right Wing” for DR2. The latter followed a new right wing party for three years fom the start to them getting elected into the Danish Parliament.


Tom has worked for a wide range of foreign media – including The Guardian, BBC as well as radio and TV stations in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Austria and New Zealand.

In Paydesk, he has an international agency in London linking him with international clients.


For many years, Tom has been a leading expert in Danish media when it comes to nationalism, radicalism and extremism.

Academic Research for the UN

He was sent to the Balkans for the UN (IOM) in 2019 to research political radicalization among violent football fans in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia.



The Guardian

Kristeligt Dagblad

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