Extremism and fan culture

Radicalism, extremism and radical football fan culture

Tom has for more than 15 years been the leading Danish expert on far right movements, nationalism and radical football fan culture.

Here you can see a list of football fan groups he has worked with

Here you can see a number of the nationalist and far right groups he has worked with. 

Through uncountable articles, radio programs and media appearances he has given an insight into these cultures and political movements.

For many years, Tom has been a leading expert in Danish media when it comes to hooliganism nationalism, radicalism, extremism.

He published the book Hooligan  and has followed the subculture since with close dialogue with the participants of this sub culture.

In the book we meet hooligans of the three largest Danish groups Brøndby, FC Copenhagen and AGF as well as hooligans from large UK groups at Chelsea, West Ham, Aberdeen, Tottenham, Bosnian, Croat and Greek clubs.

He has consulted on various TV-series in Denmark on such as Hooligan and Kriger .

Academic Research for the UN

He was sent to the Balkans for the UN (IOM) in 2019 to research political radicalization among violent football fans in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia.

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